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The Tamina Cemetery and Community Project CDC is a non-profit organization comprised of the descendants of Tamina's forefathers, churches, residents, and other members of the community. Tamina's history can be traced back to R.B. Smith, an educator from the city of Montgomery, John Nailor, a Houston-area businessman; and the year 1871 when freed slaves had moved to the community to help build the railroad.The Tamina Sweet Rest Cemetery is currently entombed with slaves, native Americans, World War I, II, and Vietnam veterans along with other war heroes and law enforcement officers.

For the past ten years, the 4+  acre cemetery has been left dormant. As a result, many of the graves are inaccessible due to standing water, un-mowed grass and the lack of weed maintenance, which is an indicator that the natural water flow is blocked on various sides of the cemetery.

Remembrance Bricks

Find out about our Remembrance & Recognition Bricks, how to purchase them, and how to purchase a commemorative brick to have for yourself. You mayalso make donations by following the 'MORE' link.



Donations, volunteer opportunities, community projects, and more. Find out what you can do to become to honor all those buried in the Tamina Cemetery, as well as to help restore its glory. 


Meet Our Veter‚Äčan

As we are honoring those Veterans laid to rest in Sweet Rest Cemetery, we are wanting to make a difference in the 91-year-old Veteran's life by assisting them in getting a new home. 




The story of our ancestors buried in the Tamina Cemetery must be told, and can only be told with the help of our friends in the media. Check out news features, publisheda articles from media outlets, and our official press releases by click the 'more' button below.



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